"When I walked through the doors of the Pre-Revolutionary home that had been turned into the beautiful school house of Rollingwood Academy, I knew that I had found the school where I wanted to work. I had just recently moved into the area and had interviewed at other schools but hadn't felt that I had found the right place until then. I was fortunate to work at Rollingwood Academy for five years-two in the pre-kindergarten class and three in the kindergarten class. Rollingwood Academy is the caliber of school that all the children of the family will attend. The staff and families develop personal relationships. Parents always play an important role in their children's education at Rollingwood Academy, whether it be reading in the classroom or helping out at class parties. The staff and administration of Rollingwood care about the whole child. While the children who graduate from the Rollingwood program have strong reading and math skills, they also have just as importantly developed socially and emotionally through the guidance of the nurturing staff. Children who graduate from the Rollingwood Academy program are instilled with a love of learning that sets them up for success as they continue their educational journey. Rollingwood Academy creates thinkers!"

- Karen

"This is Hunter's 3rd year at Rollingwood Academy. He was one of the first students to attend the school when it opened. My husband and I have been extremely pleased with the "positive" discipline and reinforcement policy Rollingwood promotes. Hunter has developed beautifully both socially and academically in this environment. I believe that the success of the students is due to the meticulous selection of both staff and curriculum for the school by Ms. Prodan."

- Mrs. Fuhrman

"Rollingwood Academy provides the nurturing environment that children deserve. The resources provided enable children to learn, have fun and enjoy their time at school. It is a blessing to be able to leave your child at a school and feel totally comfortable with your decision. Rollingwood Academy is a gem."

- Mrs. Menger

"When my fifth child showed an interest in his socials skills, I started to look around the area for a preschool that would develop his social skills and his academic skills. Rollingwood Academy out-shined the ones that I inquired about. I was very pleased with the building site and the spacious outside area. Each classroom is decorated with beautiful murals and the teachers and staff are very professional and pleasant. Rolingwood Academy has a stepping stone approach with their academics. My son started in the young three's program and the skills that he learned and developed in that class has now expanded on, and is being reinforced in his present clasroom. I like the fact that the school continues through kindergarten. Rollingwood Academy is always creating thinkers!"

- Mrs. Patterson

"Our three children have attended Rollingwood Academy over the past eight years and we have been very pleased with the school. We have been impressed with both the academics and the social environment. They teach the children not only to read and write, but they focus on social and emotional development as well. The school fosters creativity in the children and makes learning fun. The teachers and staff are kind, supportive, and show a genuine concern for the students. We always felt that our children were in a safe, clean, and loving environment. Our children graduated Kindergarten with strong reading, math, and social skills. Most importantly, they gained a love for school and learning that will hopefully stay with them throughout their lives. Our whole family will always have very fond memories of Rollingwood Academy."

- Denise Brickey 

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